Now it is possible to get pleasure from a Free Individual TRIAL on SYNCRO'S new, enhanced jig saw-so Protected smaller kids can use-so highly effective, versatile, it really is the handiest enjoyable or profit tool for any property or household workshop! Do that NOW- Paste "Miss Syncro" (or snapshot of oneself, loved ones, sweetheart) on a piece of 1/4" plywood, or 1/2" softwood-take it for your hardware store that displays SYNCRO-present Cost-free Trial Coupon. hublot replica watches Then flip switch on his SYNCRO SAW and reduce out a wooden silhouette of "Miss Syncro" or your snapshot-take residence for desk, mantel or dresser use. SYNCRO wants NO MOTOR! Plug into any 50-60-cycle, 110-120 Volt A.C. only-switch on and saw? Portable-use anyplace. Sensible for craftsmen -cuts plastic, wood, thin metals, clean, smooth, no sanding needed. Educational for children-safe-used' in schools! Hundreds of thousands sold! Lots of use it to earn further money creating signs, photo cut-outs, jewelry, initial pins, book-racks, what-not-shelves, and so forth. The ONLY secure jig saw made! Largest, most powerful with greatest clearance of any magnetic jig saw! NEW ADJUSTABLE arm permits sawing ANY length material. New Off-On switch. Quieter operating. Nevertheless only $17.50 at dealers in U.S. hublot watches fake A. If none close to you, send only $17.50 (plus a single dollar to cover cost of shipment) direct to factory with name, address of favored hardware dealer-we'll ship saw to you POSTPAID on ten Days Money-Back Trial. Or rush postcard for complete, free particulars. (Dealers! Write, wire for "Special Direct to Dealers Introductory Demonstration Deal Provide.' ) Hurry!


Dept. H-98
Rochester, Michigan, U. S. A.

World's biggest Makers of Electric Jig Saws

Make this Cut-Out Cost-free... on the astounding SYNCRO (Sep, 1948)

Um, I am somewhat frightened by the quotes about "gift" .

Make this Cut-Out Totally free... on the incredible NEW-SAFE SYNCRO MAGNETIC JIG SAW AT YOUR HARDWARE STORE


2. SAW Around GIRL

3. hublot copy RESULT-a realistic photo "cut-out" suitable for mantel, desk, dresser use, or as "gift".

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